Friday, October 06, 2017


Each of us has a lot going on.  We are engaged in the exertion of going on-ness.  Much of it we have arranged, scheduled, and planned on our own.  But more of it seems to come at us without invitation; with no previous awareness as to actual arrival.  I speak of misfortune or stress which seems to await at our doorstep.

My phone must be similar to yours.  It has a persistent "ding" or "bell tone" notifying me of an incoming communique.  Very much of it contains the happies.  Very much of it, too, reveals the opposite.  With increasing ability to be connected to more of our world in which we live, a sense of being overwhelmed is recurring.

What is one to do with this?  Run?  Hide?  Pretend ruggedness isn't happening?  Scream?  Pout?  Run...again?

What we are to do is to try to stay focused on God who has all of these moments in view.  He is bigger than big, wiser than wise, and surpassingly well beyond adequate.  God gets us when we don't get ourselves.  Don't let your distractions...distract.  God wants to be in the lead; but it is up to us to decide to let Him.

Following God isn't about keeping score: He answered one prayer and not another, He responded immediately person and then seemed silent to another.  To believe God is not only to look for the empty tomb; but to stay with Him when on the Cross.  Jesus did...and remember that he led the way.  There will be no resurrection without there being moments of painful defeat.

We do not live a faith-system of pretense; but rather, one of authenticity.  Bad stuff happens.  Sometimes we even cause it.  But the God of mercy and forgiveness and hope launches us into living an above-earth life.  It's real.  It's thrilling.  It's daring.'s for we commoners who are often stumped by the latest fiasco occurring within our own minds.

Believe.  Big....bigger than whatever tries to overwhelm.

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