Wednesday, October 04, 2017


Division is taking its toll upon the hearts of mankind.  There, indeed, must be a perpetual press for unity.  But, oh how we struggle to reach such a goal.  The battle itself should signal just how monumentally impactive, let alone important, such an accomplishment would be.

I'm wondering just how much this challenge is exacerbated because we live in the Western hemisphere where freedom and individualism seem to be perpetually noted.  While these two concepts are rich in blessings, one must be careful that the ego does not take center stage for every event.  Thus, the call from the Bible to consider others as more important than ourselves.  

I'm noticing a blurring of the lines between politics and religion.  It's becoming more difficult to discern on many levels just which one's voice is being heard.  And which of these two seems to be the more guilty of causing division?  It appears on several be a tie.

Is there a way, a hope, for authentic unity among us?  It appears there is such a dimension; such a direction.  The cost, however, is high.  Furthermore, it's of the highest caliber of challenge.  The trek to harmony for individuals, for families, for churches, and for nations is found in one word.


Humility is the route to political effectiveness and the saving of religious reputation.  Are Christians to be known by our love or by our pet peeves.  By our compassionate reach or our rigid stances?  While we know the answer, the how-factor becomes a prominent element.  How do we obtain and then accumulate remarkable unity?  How?

The answer will not be found in the obsessive self-seeking promotion of rights.  That's being tried...and it divides at the starting gate.  The answer will not be found in withdrawal from community.  Neither will it be found in legislative law.  These do not survive the deep ocean waves of an ego-driven and demanding humanity.

Humility weighs the needs of others.  By this, it does not have to agree nor does it have to become subject to error.  Humility simply notes others before self.  This is major.  I said, THIS IS MAJOR.

Yielding to othes is the surprising path of Jesus.  He was no wimp; no coward.  He stood for some and, when doing so, stood against his critics.  Yet, at final straw, Jesus took the back seat to both on the Cross so that both would have opportunity to live.  It's this dying factor to self that finds us balking; especially when it involves anyone we don't much like.

Religion's reputation can be saved.  However, it will not survive our inner competition to see which divisive brand is most right.  It will be found in submission; a word that is not on the top-10 chart of popular doctrinal stances.  Yet, it is the route.  It is the secret med to cure all of mankind's concentrated ailments.  

Can religion's reputation be saved?  The more we die to self, the more we will see others come alive with a new perspective on what it means to really live.  Humanity was created to experience the Divine Partnership.  May we make strides today toward more Holy Spirit joy and less self-centered fragmentation.

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