Sunday, September 24, 2017


There is a developing void in the very center of the Christian realm.  It's subtle.  It's gentle.  It seems to be acceptable.  And, it's devastating to the very cause of which we believe/assume we promote.  Christianity seems to operate from the hub of sight; not the flow of faith.  There is a difference; an honest world of difference.

Faith is the dynamic of God-led/God-backed power.  It defies logic and promotes risk.  It promises without predetermined proof.  By it great things happen that can't.  Without it, activity scrambles to wear some sort of fake faith-mask which would lead one to believe that there is an actual walk of faith; when in reality, it is merely a trek of humanisticly sightful calculation.

Christianity has vibrant hope when we set aside the lure of things working because we see how such could come about.  And then, when we walk out on limbs of conviction (even when there is no physical format of support), the stage is set for God to do His thing.  He has always led this way.

Jesus (CHRISTianity) baffled and still baffles the odds-makers.  Yes, this Son of God/son of man, ruined all of the earthly cause and effect rules.  Jesus doesn't call us into a better humanity mode.  Rather, he promotes us to an increasingly higher spirituality which breaks down barriers of fear, and control, and over-bearing personalities.  Jesus introduces an entirely new way of operating as a human being....and, oh, how he led the way!

Christianity has vibrant hope because His grave is empty and our dreams are given reason to rise.  Short-"sight"edness will perpetually operate from fear's domain.  Yet, we are to walk by faith..and not by sight.  Really?  Then, why do we dare allow our sight at the table of propositions, decisions, and conclusions based upon what is clearly an inferior mode?

In my own life, faith isn't natural; it is spiritual.  Thus the battle rages within as to which gets the final vote; flesh or spirit.  We must try not to be deceived.  Much of our efforts are energized by what we can calculate according to our limited imagination.  Ephesians 3:16-21 insists that it is our faith that thrusts us into His realm of working beyond our greatest fathomilistic concepts.

This...this working, engaging arm of why we have vibrant hope!

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