Sunday, August 27, 2017


Jesus broke the dominating rule of death being the final straw.  He challenged it.  He fought it.  He experienced it on its own turf.  And then...he embarrassed death to death when he broke its intended terrifying bonds and did away with its vow to be permanent.

This has to be the most fascinating truth of all...death was no match for the always lively, continually living Son of God.  Furthermore, he offered us stock in the promise.  If we would invest in Him, He would see that we could participate in receiving shares of hope, joy, and perpetual life.  And, he wasn't kidding.

Death stings.  But the Doctor takes the sting away.  It isn't a matter of "hope so".  Neither is it an emotional game of pretense in hopes that this worrisome matter might eventually fade.  Due to Jesus being dead, and then in the next breath not, we have every reason to believe.

We believe he did it!!!  Jesus came back from the dead!!!

We are called to place our intentions, our hopes, and our future into the very fact that his grave is empty.  The Bible isn't a book off the shelves of a toy store.  Neither is it in the fashion of some cartoon strip.  The Bible lives and teaches living truths about the rebirth of every individual who will simply buy into it.

This isn't Rocket Science.  It's deeper, higher, and much, much farther than anything science can muster.  It isn't an educational level of accomplishment nor attainment.  It isn't ownership of material goods.  It isn't about how many books one has written...or read.  Real life isn't about astounding feats, goals reached, nor feats of personal power.  Life is about investing in the One who beat the fire out of death!

Ours isn't the call to make a good showing for what we get done here on earth.  No, ours is the call to buy into God's promises that death can't keep its vow.  He's right you know.  He proved it by volunteering His Son to march into Hell and take over its power.

Hell's future is toast.  Death will beat on us, weary us, and threaten us. will not keep us!

Thank.  You.  God.

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