Saturday, June 03, 2017


Yesterday's post was simply an honest revelation that we all have our days; even those of us in the public eye.  That's precisely how and why I know how to reach to others because I know what's going on within for oh so many.

But there is always a follow-up.  And that's one reason I dare write about the struggling side; my struggling side.  We are us.  Mark it down!  We are!  And we will have those times where we are found to be like Peter coasting along as he marvelously walked atop of the lake.  Eventually, he began to sink because he saw the turbulence all around.

Jesus had to walk out there and get him!

This we can always know.  Just as there are very real days where we wonder why we even try, we can be equally assured that Jesus is the Yes in the very midst of every storm.  This isn't pretense.  It isn't Pollyanna philosophy.  It is where we live.  This is one of those places we must practice looking for the Spirit of God to walk up to us with perfect assistance.

So...what is the follow-up to devastation?  Assurance.  Assurance that will not/cannot come from within even the best of self.  But just as Jesus lifted Peter to survival, Jesus, from within my many friends, lifted.  I was so sick that I had inadvertently unleashed money-prowlers upon my readers that I was ashamed and grieved.  You know it.  I wasn't fearful of the ability for most of you to make a determination.  No, it was toward those whose would be blind-sided by scammers.

As usual, however, I knew the Spirit would lift when I felt I was sinking.  It was a Yes all along.  Not all Yeses feel like Yeses at the time.  That's when we operate by faith.  Thank you for standing with me.  Today we move forward remaining focused ON REACHING THE WHOLE WORLD!

Yay us!  Yay Spirit!

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Kent Linda said...

We will press on, too, Terry. Each time we face ominous opposition, we become stronger and stronger in our faith and we become more and more convinced that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us.

Agree: yay us! yay Spirit!