Thursday, June 29, 2017


I don't know if meaningful Christian terms are camouflaged or sabotaged.  Either way, much of what had original intent has been reduced to sloganalism which is heard; yet has lost its impact.  Such is possibly the case with "born-again" for it very well may have been hijacked by casual and very anemic religiousity.

To be born again is one of the most thrilling concepts of all mankind.  We must protect its mighty existence.  All experience being born-once as obvious fact.  This cannot be denied.  Too, all born-oncers would admit that life is a struggle of harsh reality.  Inner battles aren't random.  Nor, are they timid.  But rather, difficulty is compounded to the point that we wonder if we can carry on at times.

God saw this dilemma.  Satan wrecked the Garden scene.  Imposingly, he reversed wonder into wander.  From such a time, man has sought the Promised Land; a way of escape which would be the path to restored normalcy of hope, and of delight, and of sheer treasure.  Jesus was sent head-long into this quagmire of death for the very purpose of transforming the same walk into and new and robust gust of perpetual life.

This is why Jesus approached his mission at the very early stages with the call for men and women to begin anew by being rebirthed.  We are able to start life over.  Don't rush past this wonder of all wonders: WE.  ARE.  ABLE.  TO.  START.  LIFE.  OVER.  Just as the first life finds the infant born through the waters of the womb, the second begins through the baptismal waters.

Jesus calls every person to be born again.  Such isn't a call to be churchy.  Rather, it is a call to get to do what everyone wishes we could do anyway....step away from this killer life and shift into a new kind of life where possibility and potential are realities of hope and happiness.

There's much that goes into this fact that will forever grow us in spirit through the ages.  For now, I wish to point out that upon the first birth death looms as final word.  From the second birth, wonderfully so, death dies.  It can't have us.  It will sting us; but it doesn't get to keep us.  When Jesus left the grave, death went into depression for it lost its eternal bite.

Yay Jesus and your empty grave!  Yay.....for giving us the option for being reborn.  We must not let the term die for its origin is intended for the opposite...ALWAYS LIFE!

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