Saturday, June 10, 2017


Would you think we live in a demanding time?  We are surely an on-the-go crowd.  From one appointment to the next meeting, we hardly have time to remember what just happened for we must focus upon what is about to happen.  Add to this the upkeep for all of the things around us like, homes, cars, people, and jobs (just for starters) and it's no wonder we feel breathless and out of shape.

So I wish to speak a word of caution to my friends.  Be on guard that you might experience the real life Jesus intends; rather than a surface life that evaporates by the demands of the next, and the next, and the next calendaric event.

Things, including over-scheduling, are draining our hearts dry.  It's unusual, don't you think, that we struggle to think about right now because we are distracted by what has been plus what will be?  I speak not as if the latter two don't matter.  The caution comes in flagging down your speed-traffic of hurriedness that you inadvertently bypass the glory of His wonder at the moment.

Therefore, I would encourage you to possibly make progress in one key area.  Don't tackle the demands and wonders of a day without first consulting Father regarding our praise and glory toward Him for His sheer existence.  A praise-less person is on a course of emptiness.  A praise-full individual, though, experiences abundance moment by moment.

We have a world to reach for God.  Experience the marvel of allowing Him to extend you beyond your clocks and your calendars.  See the person you are visiting.  Hear their words.  Don't rush past the glory of the moment so that in the simplest of can both see and hear.  What an exciting two traits to possess!!

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