Wednesday, June 07, 2017


One of the noticeable differences between organized religion versus abundant life is that the former drifts toward shutting down in preservation while the latter draws toward opening up via imagination.  This has been, is, and will forever be our earth-bound challenge.  Will we live robustly or shall we cower?  Shall we hope or shall we die?

The standard of Jesus is neither whimsical nor indifferent.  His wisdom is absent from every man-made, man-driven, man-controlled chart.  The life of the Spirit of God has no equal.  Remarkable!  Highest of intelligence!  Greatest in possibility!  The masses who yet know no God cannot afford for the religious to toy with church.

We must be set free.  The choir (as in preaching to the) seems to consistently need the nudge of the Spirit to imagine what can be for large regions of what isn't yet.  Believers are seers.  We see lack and envision provision.  We note rejection; yet, pursue acceptance.  Trusting God insists that we will not give up.  We will not give up our mission nor will we give up on people....whose dear hearts are our mission....that with one voice we may gain momentum in offering praises to Him.

Nothing turns our eye from the goal of believing that more of the very ones who imply they have little interest in God can one day join the team of His proclaimers.  This has happened to many of us who had no intention of being a part of a church only to find ourselves in the midst of leading within.  Weird, huh?  Such is the case for me.

Law abiding church kills the drive because it arrests the imagination.  Such ones take a very weird stand.  These are not driven to do what is right; but live under the timidity of getting things wrong.  Therefore, I join a chorus of other voices to say, Dream.  Imagine.  Think.  Wonder.  Dare.  Try.  Risk.  Pursue what isn't yet.  The world awaits for the people of God to look like, act like, feel like we are actually newer today than we were yesterday.

Look at God.  He created the heavens and the earth.  That was a good day's work.  Oh, and then He noted the need for form.  Oh, next He saw the need for light.  Ooops, God developed apple trees and carrots evidently realizing a few hours later He didn't have any people around to eat them.  So here comes Adam and Eve and we are off!!!

Creativity is the very heart of God.  There is more damage done by my fear than my effort.  Faith functions by what isn't.  This is the very eyesight of the congregation.  What can be seen in the invisible is the very location of heavenly productivity.  The Cross was key.  The work done by the Spirit overnight behind the scenes in the tomb continues to shatter man's obsession to try to do life according to our very crippled and handicapped concepts of how we think life should unfurl.

May we gain momentum as we perpetually learn to come out from our hiding in safety in order that the latest seekers up and down our streets might get their chance to run into the wildest kind of hope ever!!!

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