Thursday, May 18, 2017


Life has a lot of stress in it.  It has very much awe; but even this is consistently coupled with interferences.  Negotiating such hilly and winding roads enhanced by curves galore is a lifelong task.  How many times we only mean to be serving efficiently to learn that we are not.

The temptation is so strong to just walk away from some things or some people.

Yet, we must not.

We all have days where our presence seems to be important to others and needed.  And then there are those days that we can easily detect that we seem to be more of a hindrance.  The former motivates us to try harder and reach farther.  The latter, however, is vocal only to the inner spirit tempting us to remain quiet so that we neither interrupt nor interfere....nor get it wrong.

So I cheer you on, whoever is taking the heat, to not shut down.  Raise your voice.  Raise your heart.  Raise your life.  God is in us for personal remodel that we might become a New Creation day after day.  Conflict hits...and it really hurts.  However, we even use that as training so that we can minister with deeper understanding the next and the next...and the next...who have about had it with a neighbor or a stranger.

Try not to shut down.  Refuse to be an emotional recluse.  Jesus suffered and died and arose that we might really live.  We are to suffer and die and bounce back, like him, that others may really live.

Yay!  Us!

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