Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Humility is the way of Jesus.  It is the trek of the Cross.  It is the very mainstream highway to effective, productive living.  And yet, it will always be our challenge.

The problem with humility is that it so tends to directly oppose what it is we want.  Personal preference suffers enormously at the expense of yielding to what others wish for themselves...and for you.

We are called, among the many spiritual traits of the Kingdom life, to surrender what we like, need, want, and require.  This, oddly, is often found to give way to another who very likely may be selfishly oriented...to the core.  This tends to bug us (in others, not ourselves, though) for we feel that "they" should have their acts together by now.  You might want to mark this down: (1) we don't have our acts together, and (2) none of us do.

So how are we to tolerate any whom we regard as lesser?  We will need to, once again, (1) note how Jesus endures us; and then, (2) there just necessarily must be an awareness arise within each of us that we are not superior to any other individual.  Jesus died on the Cross for each of us because none of us were enough.  Truthfully, it wasn't even a close call.

Humility's apex is that we follow the footprint of Jesus by dying to ourselves and for others when we normally want things to be the way we want them so badly.

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