Friday, May 26, 2017


For the most of my readers, this post will carry little meaning.  Nonetheless, I wish to give honor to a Tulsa man who has blessed my work...and my heart.  Scott Thompson's final appearance on Channel 6's Ten O'clock News last night was an emotional finality capping his twenty-eight years at the anchoring helm.

The man has thousands of fans.  His heart is gigantic for family and community.  Being a first-class man, he does a first-class kind of work.  Our connection would be our love for the St. Louis Cardinals.

It was Scott's news savvy that drew him to one of my jaunts to Arizona where the Cardinals and Cubs held a week-long Legends Camp.  With a Tulsa camera man at the scene as well, Scott followed the camp's daily routine with the eagerness of a ten year old; just as I did.  When the Cardinals gave away 20,000 copies of my book, Voice of Silver, Heart of Gold in 2003, it was Scott Thompson and his film crew from Channel 6 doing the story from Busch Stadium.

Scott, you are many things to many of your fans in the Tulsa surroundings.  The trait I see strongly in you is your ability to connect to we common ones while being so well-known.  Good job, my friend!!

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Kaye Rucker said...

Beautiful tribute. I am very sad I won't be seeing his face delivering my news on 6. I'll be looking for him to show up maybe on another channel soon. Best wishes to Scott Thompson for the future!