Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Being human is such a strange concept.  We walk about so many matters feeling so ultra-small.  Yet, we tend to function as if we are the star of every show.  Least or most?  Smallest and biggest?  No wonder life is perplexing.

So here's what I see going on with me (with us).  In order for us to be in charge of our day, we likely find it necessary to restrict others.  We do so by making those around us march to our narrow drumbeat.  The result is that we call the shots while others are not allowed to express their insights and talents.  We want them to do life the way "I" think we should do it.

To further complicate it, we balk at the new ideas or the strange ways of others.  Yet, this is precisely what creativity is all about.  Not all flowers are Tulips.  Not all trees are Elm.  Roses would be quite frustrated if required to live by Tulipology when this isn't in their DNA.  

I encourage us to live from His Imagination rather than our own shy, timid, and restricted one.  Think about it.  Consider His artistic flow where He created the Rocky Mountains, the Amazon River, the Sahara Desert, and then there's Jupiter.  God is this Creative mogul who has out-done, out-figured, out-imagined all of the most curious scientists combined.  The most they can do is to try to specialize in one remote area of where God's hand deals in uncapturable wonder.  

We live in a world bigger than us.  Fight it if you must.  But beware that if we do, we lose.  Or, a better way might be to dare lean into it and enjoy it.  Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, and Walt Disney each hit upon a mere sneeze compared to the massive awe of our Creator.  

Live like you know the One who is always revealing His latest gadget called new life!

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