Monday, March 27, 2017


What I'm about to write may have been overstated while being underbelieved.  I dearly love getting to be a part of the church.  I know of no person less qualified or more incapable to do effective ministry than me.  Good.  We got that out of the way.

The American church is losing its grip due to one major error.  We refuse to suffer.  Our communities are full of X-ers (former members) and more are poised to soon join their ranks.  I speak not from criticism of any who might fit such a league for it was the church's malteaching which may have led to so much of this exiting.

Our major error is that we have a most subtle way of trying to call our members into service; but only from a self-preferable self-convenience mode.  There is a continual barrage of works out there of which it is asked of our members to hit like.  The problem is that the urgent call to take up our crosses and follow him is anything but like.

If one is to engage in ministry, there is an insistent ingredient; you will be hurt.  Suffering is the trademark of the Christian thread.  The Cross is reality for any of us who say that we will follow Him.  There are no options.  Yet, we behave as if we never deserve the stresses which come our way.  We walk and talk as if we don't have to take such ill treatment.

It is this truth--knowing that we are called to be abused--that keeps me in ministry.  I have been offended, injured, and hurt deeply.  Too, I have offended, injured, and hurt others deeply.  Struggle is the nature of the True Church.  Not attendance.  Not piano-lessness.  And, certainly not walking the handy, the convenient, nor the joy-only smooth pavement.  Upset will necessarily happen because this is Who we are about.

When we are in this for others, attacks happen; and they happen strenuously because others includes our most vile enemies.  When we ignore the strain of serving others, we train our people (especially our children) to be quitters because the day will come when the pressure will become unbearable.  But, our job is to learn to take it.  This is our calling.

From the cross one dies that others might live.  That's what Jesus did...and then he asked us to pick up our own and follow in like manner...with like purpose.  The only reason that we are right with God is because Jesus became wrong with God.  We are to follow this equation.  Others can't get right with God if we don't clear the path for them by dying for them because of them.  Believe me, our feelings will get hurt.  Our names will be slammed.  Our causes will become targets of opposition.

And what are we to do?  We are to believe that upset is the very stage from which God works most effectively.  We are called not only to serve, but to die.  If we lose our lives, God says we find them.  Could we stop the sick, pansy-like, insipid church behavior of pouting because someone sinned against us?  That sinner's hope is found in our refusal to come down from the cross to duke it out.

We each carry our cross to die from by day.  Hang from it.  So for others' sake, stay put!  This will reframe and rebuild church influence of the likes that America may not have experienced in quite some time.  Thank you God for staying put on the Cross.  We needed it and now we fully intend to carry on the divine plan.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Terry(my dear Brother in Christ,

Thank you so much for the most helpful encouragement I have ever received from another Christian .
I must be pleasing to my Father in Heaven as it seems. My worst enemies brethren who discourage me. They are not as loving as my friends of whom I am teaching the word. So thank you for this wonderful message I received this mor from you. I feel so encouraged love you Lucille