Thursday, March 02, 2017


Even from years gone by, there has been a firm and constant charge that we don't stand against sin any longer.  This discussion was usually termed in frustration, even anger; the purest against the sinner.  The sinner was always someone else; never the inclusive of the expresser.  Judgment rang clear.  The stand against sin was slipping away within the church.  The wringing of aggravated hands proceeded.

Often encapsulated within such an adamant charge was to be found selective sinnery.  Exactly which sins were being discussed?  It was never any that might have accumulated at the table of the discussees.  No, the theme was always about a sin of others in a sin-zone that the discussees really never committed.

Sin is still sin.  Jesus did something about it.  He, also, handed over his righteousness to each of us for we could never attain such on our own.  And then he handed out individual crosses with the words, Go get 'em!

Therefore, might I toss a slight adjustment your way for consideration?  Could it be that we were not called to stand against sin; but we are called to hang against sin?  It's one thing to point out another's violation to God's will.  It is an entirely new world to hang upon our personal crosses so that blatant sinners can be saved.  This is the very basic thread of God's salvation; paying for the sin and rescuing the sinner.  What an equation for we rescued ones to perpetuate.

That's not only what Jesus did; it's what he demands of us...and nothing less.  Certainly, sin is an infectious culprit of darkness.  It's a wild and contagious prowler of which we make not one excuse for any part of it.  Too, we are all guilty to the extent that Jesus' blood cleanses us day by day.  We must--really must--shed our self-excusery by joining the ranks of all others whom we might deem as those sinners.

Jesus was hung out to dry.  We, in turn, are to be hung out for the next generation of sinners for our walk is to duplicate his all the way to the Cross.  Stand against sin?  Oh, we do so hanging upon our crosses and dying for one another in the name of Jesus. how one stands against sin the way Jesus did.

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