Thursday, March 16, 2017


...I have you on my heart this morning.

Some of you wear the challenges of church leadership while others wear the garb of being a responsible neighbor.  Others maybe don the badge of a gentle momma or the importance of a corporate secretary.  Regardless, know that as you set out for your day two things are in your immediate future.

You are destined for His glory to fall upon you and you will most certainly encounter frustrating disturbance.  Both matters will likely fly toward the one heart on the very same day.

This is called living on earth.

Accept His glory.  And, run right at the turmoil.  In realizing both, you will become a Distraction Buster!  You will arise to become a Storm Stopper as your faith in God's inner activity will lead you to walk on top of the very things that try to sink you; drown you for lack of air to breathe.

Walk like a winner for, due to Him, we already are.

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Rick Fischer said...

Thanks Terry! Mom says you are feeling better, PRAISE GOD!