Friday, February 24, 2017


What I'm about to tell you could just be your passageway into a new approach to life.  Jesus is the Master teacher about authentic and productive living.  However, sometimes we are found to be merely getting through our days best we can.  

What if I told you that the secret to your success is not just the things in your life that have gone right; like winning a contest or getting a much needed raise, or a new set of golf clubs?  What if we could tap a region of spiritual ore which would lift you to even higher ground?  Well, take a gander the following concept.

Jesus died that we might have life; life abundantly.  This is his goal and the route to be taken for such included his personally backpacking a cross.  What happened on his cross?  He was scarred in order to give life to us!  We are to take up our crosses with the expectation that there will be scarring.

We.  Will.  Be.  Scarred.  As a result, we yield and endure the pain and struggle so that others may find new LIFE in God!

Have we talked/sung about the Cross with little awareness as to the call of really carrying such?  This, my friend, is the central doctrine of the church.  Each of us has had negative things happen in which we have been scarred for life.  You may not have heard me.  I said that negative things happen in which we have been scarred for LIFE!  Just as did Jesus, we can present our scars as proof of being resurrected into a new positive daily walk....which will truly bless others.

We are scarred for their life; a most exciting concept for it gives meaning to our bad days.  We experience them with grace and love that those among us who are dead (in attitude and emotion and spirit) might live again!

I, therefore, encourage you to enter an incredible, believable, hopeful zone that transforms us and then transforms others as a result.  If you are going to be hurt by others (and you are), let the scars give LIFE and hope to others.  They need it.  They want it.  They will be blessed by your scarring.

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