Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Boredom comes when we are constantly either drifting in thought to the past or envisioning  the future while forgetting to recognize the pure dynamic of the moment.  These two polarizing directions cause the present to basically go blank as our minds give it little attention instead of deserved awe.

Someone once said, Life is what happens when you're making other plans.  Regarding this idea of not really being in tune to the present, Sue Monk Kidd wrote, After a while this disengagement creates a spiritual boredom, even though we're living busy, goal-oriented lives crammed with people, events, and places.

The wow of now is to be secured by our divine awareness minute by minute, moment by moment of the absurdly wonderful lives we lead!  Now is to be treasured.

To be honest, I'm writing this because my day has not felt very much like what I'm writing; not at all.  I'm struggling with the simplest things regarding memory this morning and, to be even more honest, I've mostly cried out of frustration.  What's weird is I am not feeling handicapped or as if I'm withering.  It's just that some things  remind me of details that I knew a few days ago...and am clueless now.  But....I will recover.

Sue continued in detail about how a lot of us go about our days when not really here at all.  We're disengaged from life happening right now.  She goes on, then, to describe that while rehashing something in her mind that had happened earlier that morning that she found herself in front of her daughter's school where she always picked her up five days a week.  The problem was that this was Saturday and I was on my way to the dry cleaner.

Regardless of interfering, disruptive causes (memory issues, heavy schedule, etc.), the call to recenter in order to live in the now will always be significant.  Loving right now is capitalizing with gratitude for the privilege and glory of getting to do the moment.  Don't just get through the day....live during it.

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