Friday, February 03, 2017


Church is hardly what I assumed it to be when I was a kid growing up.  I saw it, first, as the most boring part of our community.  That didn't make it true, understand; but it was my take.  Too, I basically saw that it made little difference.  Some of the religious could match some of the non any day on negativity and self-centered behavior.  But then, as an adult, I began attending regularly only to be called into a ministry that I would have not believed you had you suggested that it might be my kind of thing.

If it's okay, I'm going to share my (biased, of course) observation as to what will launch the church into a more prominent and stronger community role.  We have unintentionally groomed a basic error in that we don't believe that we signed on for the tough stuff; tough stuff like loving your enemy and meaningfully carrying our crosses which means we will die to what we prefer so that enemies can have a glimpse of hope.

No, we have, rather, opted for ways to fit into the church scene that seems to be our passion without demanding personal interior adjustment and growth.

When one is baptized into Jesus, it is not for the sake of joining a church and getting a framed certificate.  Rather, we are declaring, Count me in when life isn't easy; when people are difficult and when I'd rather skip the risk and/or the ridicule.  Church is anything but handy, selective, or sweet.  It is life-saving of others because life-giving is declared from our crosses.

My word for those who are out there dying right now over hardship in the church is, Don't run.  Don't hide.  Don't look back.  And, don't live in anger.  Drop the resentment of being offended.  Learn to die that your opponents might live.  We've got a world of wonder to reach.  Never give up.

Our distraction from the true trek of a reality cross has developed generations of touchy personalities who would rather win an argument than win a soul.  Not good.  Certainly not of God.  May we not only move forward; but may we move up.  May we step up to the tough stuff which would mean that we sacrifice ourselves that another can find victory in life.  This is what and who....we are about.

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