Tuesday, February 21, 2017


God is up there.  We are down here.  When it's our turn for the grave, let's hope there's something to what has been rumored about a bit later coming out of it alive.  Yet, mankind remains shut down in many areas because of that false doctrine to the point that sometimes we don't even live while we are living.

Father sent Jesus...to earth in order to break that mistaken perspective of distance between the Creator and the created.  He became one of us.  He walked around on our streets, met our people, ate our food; all of which had not been experienced from Heaven's side.  In the process, Jesus received the Holy Spirit at baptism which was simply a sign that Father had moved into earthen-born Jesus.  Demonstration of this union (unity) impacts all of us...at least it should.

A false doctrine that plagues us is our trying to do life without the Holy Spirit.  But because some don't know anything about Him and others would rather control their own religious life, He is basically ignored or shunned.  The Holy Spirit, though, is given that we might have confidence to get life done abundantly; never on our own scrutiny, but His dynamic infiltration of the human heart.  The Holy Spirit works directly in our lives as the Bible insists.

To believe that God is "out there" while we are rummaging around "down here" without Him is truly a false doctrine that unbelievers inside and outside of the church mistakenly absorb.  However, our God is active.  He displayed His activity in His Son for us to take personal note.  "See how Jesus does it?"  "Well then, go into all of the world and make a Kingdom difference!"  "I'll be the Something!"  "I'll partner with you as you be the nothing..and we will make an enormous difference!", says the Living God!

A terribly strange and costly belief error is strangling the world populace because believers operate in fleshly fear; not in Spirit confidence.  It is the Holy Spirit of God who has the power to override earth's discouraging frustrations of the human heart.  It is the Holy Spirit of God who brought the Son up and out of the grave and wishes to free us from daily matters of stymieing restrictions which we place upon ourselves.

And why do we remain cornered from opportunity and impact?  At times we are afraid; afraid of being noted by those around as "one of them".  So we go ahead, do our religious habitualism, and hide; hide like under a bushel basket. May we break free a day at a time in order to become the one(s) God has called to cheer on our neighbors who are just like us.  We both need to know the new confidence to be found in the Spirit of God.  He....sets us free.

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Chuck Bronson said...

The Rosaria Butterfield comment really resonates with me, as has virtually everything I've heard or read from her.