Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Our nation faces some serious struggles.   We all know it.  Opposition from without seems to be matched by disagreement from within.  Challenges stand boldly before us as one's preferred slant is monitored even by which Nightly News channel is selected. While this could be relegated to politics, it isn't.  Churches have been embroiled for years over similar biasistic practices.

The politician and the preacher are coming off looking just alike....in several zones.

Certainly good politics is to be found in abundance; just as is true of marvelous faith. We know of brave men and women who serve our country in the name of honor.  Too, we have long lists of men and women who sacrificially minister to the broken and the lonely of our communities.  The question isn't whether there is intrinsic value in either camp.  The question is whether the nation can survive the dark divisiveness of a few from the self-obsessed leadership within both groups.

I would not be the politician as you well know.  I would, however, be the preacher.  I can, therefore, state with certainty that much of my ministry in my earlier days was about me being right and proving other believers wrong.  What's worse is that I could slant the Bible verses to prove my case.  I was, in fact, forgetting or ignoring what God said about the greatest commands being to love Him and my neighbor.  Oh, they were okay; but honestly, I mainly enjoyed being right and showing others where they were wrong.

The question could be raised about the few or many politicians who seem to seek camera time.  Do these love the nation and love the people; or have they grown in hunger to win debates and arguments?  Is there a contest within their own ranks for publicity and recognition which leaves the  common man or woman vulnerable; even neglected?

What I am saying is that the politician and the preacher may be standing in the way of our nation's healing.  In fact, these two groups may be large contributors to selfish attitudes which wear on all of us.  Surely, for those of us who might be guilty, this was never our intent.  But ego has a way of pleading for attention, support, and applause.

Jesus has the answer.  He is the answer.  Even in his day, both the politicians and the religious leaders argued, debated, pressed and pushed.  Eventually, they drove him to the grave all-the-while submitting their (political and religious) standards of absolute right.


May we not make the same mistake.  May we be the sort who yearn to learn; learn to love God and others more than our handy preferences.  This would change a nation...I believe.  So yes, we've got work to do.

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