Sunday, January 08, 2017


You know that we can't pull this off; this living up to the standards which we believe to be God's call from reading the Bible.  Right?  One of the biggest truths about us is that we try to cover our glitches by living in denial or ignorance while neighbors look at us with amazement that we cannot see this in ourselves.  The most consistent thing about us is our inconsistency.

But wait a minute!

It is here at this very juncture that the neighborhood doesn't get the very intentional call of God.  He is most consistent to admit our deep failures.  He knows all about us.  He knows so much so that the Three agreed that something had to be done because our glitch-debt was accumulating far too rapidly,  The interest alone was so magnified that the debt could never be balanced; not ever by our own determination to understand God fully or to ever get church practices figured accurately.

The Cross took place because no man, woman, or child had the skill to do life flawlessly.  It isn't in us; not one of us.  Debt was accumulating and God saw that mankind was in a huge pickle.  Being the Creator, He did something about it.  He provided a scholarship to Heaven for all who would believe that Jesus paid for our inconsistencies.

Too many today still believe themselves to be Heaven-bound because they stopped a sin and began a good deed.  No one, however, can behave our way into heaven.  Otherwise, there would have been no need for the Cross with a Savior dangling from it.  We are not bound for glory because we became consistent with any teaching but one; Jesus is our replacement punching bag in order to pay the penalty for our sins.

This is why believing is so major.  It isn't a step.  It isn't a topic.  It is life....eternal life when we believe that Jesus did what we could never do for ourselves; that of....being....our....Consistency.  We win because He lost.  We arise because He went down.  We live....simply because He died our death ahead of time for us that we could explain to the world around us that our only claim to consistent living is Jesus; nothing more.

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