Tuesday, January 24, 2017


One of the oddest things (I think) that Jesus ever said was, He who has ears, let him hear.  What's that all about?  If one has ears, then one hears.  Right?  No.  We all have experience of talking to someone when that one wasn't listening.  Too, we've been in the reverse position where someone else was speaking to us; but our minds were off elsewhere.

So Jesus wants to know, Are you paying attention to what I'm saying?  Or, are you looking right at me while your mind has drifted off to the mall or to the golf course?  Each of us seems to have a knack of hearing while not hearing at all what is being said.

So I bring before you a very simple portion of God's reach to us?  Have you heard Him say that there is truly life beyond the grave?  Did you hear Him say that Jesus, His Son, saves us for the heavenly destination?  Do you seriously offer attention when He calls us to believe and be baptized for the forgiveness of our sins?  Or, have you heard it so much that you've quit listening?

For any who need to shape up and maybe really pay attention to words from God, your day is coming when breathing your last is finality, your conclusion, on earth.  I would encourage you to hear what you have been hearing.  God isn't a rumor.  Jesus isn't a church-thing.  Resurrection from the dead isn't wishful thinking.  Don't dismiss the most impacting and important things in your life because--as you would say--you've heard it all before.

Really?  So....you reached a point where you quit listening?  Maybe?

Jesus is our hope.  He is our hiding place.  We are to be buried in Him in baptism that we be raised to walk a new life....Romans 6:3-5.  Maybe....just maybe...it might be time for you to hear what you've been hearing all along?  I mean...really hear it this time?  The Hiding Place....Jesus protecting us.

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