Thursday, December 08, 2016


July 16, 2017 feels like it must be next weekend.  I've known this would be coming; but my birth certificate indicates that my calendar age is in conflict with my mind age. Good grief, I've yet got so many more things to forget; where did I leave my keys, what month is it, who's on first kinda stuff.  Forgetful?  I've only just begun.  And, did I mention that sometimes I don't remember where I put my keys?

However, it is true.  In 7 months and 8 days, I will step aside.  This is a challenge for one like me of such renewable youth!  So what shall I do?

The first thing I had to do was get a grip on stepping aside for it surely has not been easy.  While no one is saying it, the initial feeling is that of being shelved.  But, I think I've gotten over that glitch and am moving forward into more of that Abrahamic trek of not knowing where I'm going.  

I will be stepping aside as pulpit man and office manager.  And there's more.  My baseball cleats will go into storage.  January will be my thirty-fourth and last Cardinal camp as I can't see the baseball to hit it nor can I see the baseball coming at me to field it.  But....I really do look nice in my uniform!

After July 16, Mary and I will take a road trip.  We aren't the Cruise Ship/Resort-relax sort.  We will visit family if they have good food.  I might take my golf clubs and Mary may pop in at an Antique Store here and there.  I know for certain that The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and St. Louis Cardinal baseball games are at the top of the list for both of us.

For now, it's sorta weird.  How am I to de-office, de-work, or de-visit all of my many friends who pass through my office that I now....I now....?  I am going to miss my office team so much.  How are they going to get along without my silly comments?  My forgetful assignments?  My homemade wordilistic phrases?

Yet, I mainly exciting!  Who wouldn't have loved to sit in my office for forty years and be the boss of stuff?  As a team, the world has come to us in ways.  We've gone out to it in other ways.  To reach the whole world is our goal....and that, my friend...isn't changing!

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