Wednesday, December 21, 2016


It has taken me decades as a minister to get to the point that I yearn to do one main thing; praise God.

Do you think God has a chance of recognition in the very world He created?  Or, has mankind created sub-gods which require us to maintain focus?  The latter is clearly a threat.  Furthermore, the question can be narrowed a bit to ask whether God has a chance at being recognized in His church.

I know that last bit would seem absurd.  But, I think not.  Consider what it is that we religious sort have as a tendency to constantly volley.  Issues.  If not attentive, our spiritual make-up is driven by incessant chatter about much lesser points than that of vocalizing our love and praise for God.

Consider the lingo that can (and does) go on:
  • Which version of the Bible is the correct version?
  • Where might I find a church that offers the teaching that I prefer?
  • And, while we are at it, the music style my family likes?
  • Do we like or dislike the preacher?
  • Do I feel welcomed because if I don't feel welcomed, I'm not returning.
  • Is our doctrine in line with my family heritage?
  • Does the church stand for anything anymore?
In the above seven points, and another one hundred of similar concern, there is one thing that lacks while all of the above may be soberly monitored.  Are our people committed and devoted to praising God for who He is, what He does, and how He loves us?  Are we of the tendency to give Him credit on Tuesdays as strongly as we are for an hour on Sunday?

I didn't.

My early participation in the church was to support and win the argument that my group did church right.  Yes, we sang; but our emphasis was that we did the singing right compared to those other church brands who did it wrong.  My early days were full of proof-texts; not giving glory to God.  Honestly?  I had not thought of giving Him glory as that seemed hokey.  It felt that if I was to greatly emphasize the worship of God that somehow that translated into saying that I didn't want to stand for Truth.

Today it is different for me; for us.

Every morning I tell Him how exciting it is to join with the millions in China and other nations and our neighbors as we tell God how fascinating He is and how fortunate I am to know Him.  I yearn for Him to know that I have this knack of letting my daily worries become my mission and my god.  I convey to Him that I am sorry for going through hours and days without one verbal expression of my gratitude because I am so busy being right about everything.

Does God have a chance in His own world?  Of course.  And, together we will get better at it because that's what we do; improve.  By His Spirit's gentle and patient leading, we improve our focus upon Them.  For so long my god was to do church right.  But I'm wishing to transition.  I still want to do church right; but it has to begin first with constant praise for Him above or else I am guilty of making gods of my stances.  Until worship becomes truly admiration and praise of God, our authentic heart-life, nothing else church-wise will really matter.

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