Thursday, November 10, 2016


All of mankind has identical ailment.  This dis-ease knows no barriers.  Religion, race, nationality, educational level, social status, nor economic structure is able to resist global unhealth of the inner person.  Whether climbing the corporate ladder or racing for a supreme destination, all wrong breaks loose anytime one determines to finish anywhere but last.

This is a terribly stunning concept that seems to be, on all counts, absurd.  Yet, the very reason society is in disarray from family structure to community charm is the truth that individuals (as in each of us) live fundamentally for the welfare of self.  Self-preservation dominates roles, conversations, and actions.

A major breakthrough to abundant and satisfying life is to finish last.  Such a statement is usually found to be repulsive.  Maybe we don't have to finish at the top; but don't point me toward the bottom rung of the social ladder.  Yet, this is precisely a missed secret for success.

Jesus left his luxurious Heavenhattan Apartment on Fifth Avenue to become the janitor of the world.  He arrived a nobody and left an assumed convict.  All-the-while, his role on earth was specifically to clean up our messes.  When he left earth, the Apostle Paul picked up the baton and moved about declaring that he himself was the least among all people.

We?  Well, we tend to want recognition; not neglect.  Honor is our wish; not unappreciation.  Thank yous would be expected rather than blatant rejection. Favorable comments would be accepted; but not vocal front of crowds. And, while we are at it, a robe and a crown would seem to be more in line as a reward for our generous efforts; not beatings and public execution.

Somehow, we have manipulated the Word to say these strenuous things about Jesus and the Apostle with little regard for such dimensions to be activated within our own walk.  The world is in it's own realm of hurt because those who try to get serious about carrying crosses do just that.  We tend to carry them with little intention of dying upon them.

As was true of us when Jesus found us, our neighbors cannot get well if we do not see the need to finish last so that they may finish higher.  Our loss is their victory--necessarily so-- and these victorious ones will be called by God to be the next batch of losers so that others may taste victory.

Losing our lives for others is the cure for what ails...all of us.

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