Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I spent a good many years as a believer fundamentally clueless about the Son of God. As I write along these lines, do understand that I am certain that at this very date I have merely scratched the surface of understanding this man; our Savior.  My deficiency was that I gave church more thought than I did the head of the church.

Somehow in some way somewhere I began to take note that I was doing a lot of Bible teaching and preaching; but my emphasis was not so much about Jesus.  Oh, I used his illustrations or teachings when they fit my need for emphasis.  Yet, to watch him, observe him, portray him was a basic blank in my efforts because I had church work to do... and...quite a bit of Bible to learn.

When I began to watch Jesus I saw him move about in ways that I wasn't thinking.  He seemed to care about people...as if it were his doctrine or something.  He seemed to be siding with the anti-church crowd.  Odd, I thought.  Isn't the reverse our goal...my goal...his goal?

Jesus never met a sinner he didn't absolutely love.  He dared to go into the parts of town where others would ignore.  The caliber of associations seemed to be noted due to their hearts more than their accomplishments.  Humble?  Yes.  Cowardly? Never....even as the religiously devoted plotted their raid in the Garden.

What good is Jesus?  Well, first let me say that he really isn't much good to me if I'm fighting to present my self-righteousness.  My self-goodness leaves me stranded for even it is contaminated by sin.  I am in the league of the apostle Paul who had a very clear picture of how nothing he was.  That would be me...much more so.  Honestly, it would be all of us.

What good is Jesus is that he gets us.  He.  Gets.  Us.  He understands humanity for he was encapsulated in our zone as well.  He grasps our weaknesses...and covers for us with his might.  Jesus is all about rescuing the perishing, saving the lost, and empowering the weak.  That's what good he is.

Jesus isn't an imaginary nor distant spiritual figure-head who knows nothing about earthenship.  No, he was measured by it; groomed with it.  And he beat it for he did that thing (due to power of Father) where he took earth's final word and bombed it.  He annihilated death.  He ruined it!

That's just a smidge of what good Jesus is.  There's more!  We are still in kindergarten...just beginning to learn!  He is that much!!  Therefore, due to this Wonder, might we afford to park our high-horses, dismount, and continue to learn from the One who has the ultimate grasp on living successfully?

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