Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Life is being challenged.  It is said of some that they have a hard life.  Each of us may find ourselves in such a mix along the way.  Truly, there is a push-n-shove that goes on in the inner man that needs to be addressed.  Psalm 46:10 solves much of this; Be still and know that I am God.

To be still was not a natural Terry Rush phrase.  Fidgety.  Nervous energy.  Always on the move; never sitting still.  I found that activity was more of my god than God was. To be still means we wait on Him to do the kind of productive work that is both meaningful and lasting.  Yet, it is so hard for guys like me to sit...still.

So why would I live in such a tangled and very busy web that wearies the soul?  Why would you?  And is there a way that we might crack the code of busy, Busy, BUSY?  The answer is Y-E-S.  So, I give you ideas which might help you with your demanding load.

1.  BREAK THE NEED TO PLEASE EVERYONE....because you can't and you won't.  I thought I could; but life unfolded and proved to not be the case.  There are times...many times...when some will conclude that I am selfish and indifferent.  But learning to say "No" to ten requests allows me to say "Yes" to the ministry of God for the moment.

2.  BREAK THE NEED TO BE RECOGNIZED....because you don't need it.  I wanted a reputation of a do-gooder; one who accomplished stuff....important stuff...big stuff.  In reality, I was on course to be less productive because I was busy trying to be I assumed.

3.  BREAK THE NEED TO APPEAR TO BE A HARD WORKER....because this interferes with God using our personal vessels to do the work He designs for each of us. We don't run this show.  God does.  Trying to support the appearance of doing faithful work is precisely why we accomplish very little.  Rather, may we spend our time dependent upon Him; His leadership and His skills.

To simplify is to let go.  To simplify is to relax.  To simplify is to trust that God can when we are clueless.  To simplify may mean we have no report to impress others; yet, the $25 we gave to missions in secret fed a tribe in a distant land.  It is God who is productive.  We are the vessels of His love.

If you write a book that motivates thousands, yay you!  If you never write a book, but read one, and from that other person's writing you were motivated to enhance a neighbor's life...yay you!!  Simplify, my friend, that God might get things done through us.  To be busy chasing after spiritual activity may be blocking God out more than letting Him in.  Just a possibility.

To simplify in the kingdom work is the idea that we really might get more done by asserting ourselves less so that God is allowed to use us for His plan of bringing life to a hurting world.

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