Friday, October 07, 2016


In mid-July of next year, I will step up into semi-retirement.  It's a weird feeling that comes mixed with a combination of excitement and thanksgiving.  Because I believe we tend to waste valuable time dreading or worrying or fretting over so many matters, may I share the experience of this particular privilege?

July 15, 2017 will mark 40 years as the pulpit guy for Memorial Drive.  Who wouldn't have loved to be me over these years.  I've lived a dream.  Of course there were necessary moments of challenge which must take place in our work. God has been faithful to gift me with His promised resurrection power when I was in over my head.

Did I really think that He gave us resurrection power because everything was to always go right?  No, even our tough days are to be marked with confidence that He runs the show...and we don't.  He always makes yeses out of heavy threats.

God gives us His Spirit that we may freely choose to walk within the wonder of being made new day by day.  Oh, how I love that truth.  It isn't a theory; but an actual daily experience.

So I have 40 weeks before stepping up into the next stage of God's Kingdom efforts; some of which will include me.  I've practiced in my mind (Philippians 4:9) walking through these remaining days with wonder in my heart.  It.  Is.  Here.  I fully intend to enjoy every day of these upcoming weeks with a most thankful spirit.

My gentle Shepherds and our in-sync staff give me room to like right now...and every right now.  I will not waste it with one pestering worry.  Stepping up will be my goal. And, we will do it well.

So, I've been thinking about July 15 of next year.  I think Mary and I will go on an immediate road tour...really.  I've got a brother and sister-in-law (and a bunch of nieces and nephews) in Louisiana that I want to go see.  Ah, and why not stop by West Monroe and visit my Duck Dynasty friends?  They might just want me to make a guest appearance on their show....I've got the time.

Too, this road tour must include the insistent call to stop by for a game or two at Busch Stadium.  Might I need to toss out the first pitch?  Sign a few autographs?  Pose for a few pictures?  Do more interviews?

Beyond St. Louis, we might drive up to Quincy, Illinois to see old friends from the church where I once had the privilege of preaching...and then drive over to our home towns to visit family and friends.  Ah wait...road tour...better pass back through St. Louis for maybe another game?  This is looking good!

So here's my message; I don't know how semi-retirement works.  I've never done it before.  But I know this, I will be wide-eyed excited for a privileged past, a love-right-now present, and a resurrection empowered future.

Forty weeks from now I will step up into a new arena filled with wonder and opportunity.  And you, dear reader, are a significant part of the fabric of my walk. Thank you....really.

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