Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Each of us is embedded into the fabric of the living continuum.  We are of the one cloth called humanity.  Gloriously, there is variation.  The differences, though, contribute to the completion as well as complimentation of every person.  No one is an island; not one of us.  Our spectacularity comes about because we have joined the ranks of person-hood which celebrates life rather than bemoans it.

There is one cloth.  Of course, threads vary in color; they even vary in roles.  Some may serve by being grouped with other threads upon the cuff of a garment while others help pad a shoulder.  The cuffs will be involved in reach.  Simultaneously, the shoulder may avail itself to one who needs a good cry.  Yet, the entire cloth-effect matters in some form to every person along the way; repeatedly so.

You, my friend, are not exempt from participating as a thread of the cloth.  As such you might find yourself threaded, sown, and partially clipped.  Just beware.  You have a role to play.  Especially those nearest you are affected by brighten up. Straighten up.  Awaken to your role.

You are a part of the cloth...for WE are a people of the cloth of God called humanity.

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