Thursday, September 29, 2016


Today isn't just your run-o'-the-mill sort of day; that kind where you spin your wheels, finish fatigued, and wonder what meaningful may have happened.  Did you make a difference...anywhere?  For anyone?

You are not average.  You are backed by the Living God who....does stuff!  He does stuff through the stutterers, the hedgers, the doubters, and the inadequate.  We....are His forte'.  Therefore, when you hit the streets today, hit them assured that living is going on....through you....for others to find blessings.

You don't necessarily need to be pumping your fists in the air or skipping down the sidewalk as if you are truly enthused.  A light shining from your eyes as you listen well to your child or to a colleague might just give them a strong sense that Life is going on....inside of you.

Be aware.  You are on.  For Him.

May your day be strong.  May it be uplifting.  And may it be awesome because those around you get the feeling that they are more important to you than yourself.  This might change the world today!

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