Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Okay.  How long have we been us?  Well, the most of our lives.  Right?  And just how long have we carried, within our hearts, this strong vibe that we are lesser than others?  Many others?  Most others?  Well, most of our lives.  Right?

So when do you think it would be a good time to awaken, even admit, that we are all the same?  Like maybe now?

Every person, regardless of stature or position, carries within a very dominant "inadequacy factor".  It is quite strong; overpoweringly so.  And we need to be reminded that God saw this frustration coming.  He gives us His Spirit because ours is too acclimated to weakness and failure.  On our own, we will eventually become irritated with ourselves (or others) and quit; give up.

That some of us are awesome and some of us missed out is a lie.  Yet, the tendency is so strong we can hardly believe that it is a lie.  We think that lack isn't true for others; but it is for me.  God says differently.  We are adequate because He rents out our space.  He does life in magnitude from within plain, normal, unassuming...people.

Everywhere one turns in the Bible, God is there saying, You can't do life on your own; but together we can make it.  And We won't just barely make it, either.  We are going to make a significant difference because We are going to give people Life!

I love that about Him!  I love that about Us!  Opposing forces whisper a lie to us that we can hardly overcome; that we aren't enough.  But by His grace....we can be useful tools in His Kingdom!  Yay for all of us!!!

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