Thursday, September 22, 2016


Religion is surely a challenge to those connected as well as those disconnected.  It's slippery.  It's awesome.  It's most challenging.  I want to be included in God's scheme of faith; but not in the rote and thoughtless rituals that habitize so many followers.  We do yearn to experience God alive!

There's that thing about God that remains fascinating.  We can know Him while never figuring Him out.  We can experience Him with zero ability to explain Him.  God works from the invisibles toward mankind which is incredibly, if not desperately, limited to the visual. That's the thing about God that throws people off-track.  He will not be pigeon-holed to fit our meager spiritual assumptions.

Serious students of the Bible are quite capable of dismissing Father's strong call.  We have the ability to look at the many stories of biblical grandeur and dismiss them as the God of then; but certainly not the God of now.  This is a catastrophic mistake.  No wonder so many walk away disinterested.  We have inadvertently tamed the Living God.

That thing about God, to which I dearly cling, is the genuine fabric of faith where things that just can't happen...can.  That's His historic message; what can't can be.  We read it in the Bible; but I cheer us on to see it unfold in the now.  Let us be open to God accomplishing things that have no confirmation of possibility other than that our faith believes that He can.

This is the thing about God...that keeps us new day by day....II Corinthians 4:16...He can...when we can't!

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