Monday, September 26, 2016


I don't know that what I'm about to convey would be of much help to every reader.  But, I am believing it will be pertinent to most.  So, shall we give it a shot and see where it might land?

People have bad days for various reasons.  The car won't start or the basement flooded.  Perhaps the Street Crew shut the water off without a warning; so now you have to go to work a globby, matted mess.  However, I believe that the most of us have bad days because of other people.  They bug us.  They offend us.  They sin against us.

So what shall we do with this community of they when we feel that our days would be better off without them...and their constant interference?  Such ones can become trigger points that may ruin our outlook, our other relationships; even our day.

But there is a matter that we often fail to consider.  That is that we do to some others what some others seem to do to us.  The Bible says we are all alike.  They've got attitudes?  Oh, I believe you.  And you don't?  I don't?  Um...not the case.  We are all like.

Therefore, we can have immediate better days if and when we choose to live in gratitude rather than irritation.  To see the good in others rather than the ugly is precisely (exactly) what we/how we wish all others would treat us.  If they would overlook our grumps, gripes, silliness, and sins, we would feel much, much better.  So why not give those who bug us the same Free Space to have a better day just like the one we want?

We can do this!

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