Saturday, September 10, 2016


I enjoy great tenure in the church.  Feeling to be the luckiest man I ever met, I've been around awhile in a vast range of Kingdom reaches.  While there have already been special moments of surprise and wonder, I remain deeply (wildly) anticipatory as to what is still available for us to imagine or think.  My trek has but been a weak sneeze compared to the magnitude of potential that Father has awaiting His children like me.

I'm expecially noting that my criticism of some is transforming into sympathy.  We have before us a host of church members who do not envision themselves as anything remarkable.  Of these, I once griped.  However, I'm changing my mind.  What if we as leaders could bring about assurance that these are necessary; that these carry enormous potential.  I realize that I don't believe that they have been informed of their dynamics.  If some have and remain disinterested, so be it.  But my curiosity is awakened toward those who carry embedded dynamics for God; but have never been challenged to open to His Spirit to make such a delightful discovery.

I just had breakfast with such a couple.  They are adorable; but have no awareness of such to the extent they miss our assemblies more times than they make them because they regard themselves as insignificant to the rest of the flock.  These two just wish to be noticed.  They want to matter.  They do matter; but their hearts have not been informed of such.

Could it be that a hefty percentage of our attenders do not believe that it matters to us whether they are with us?  I believe this to be true.  So here's a thing that I question.  It doesn't make it true; but I still question.  Have we created an organizational system rather than a body of believer connections?   Have we replaced a people to meet with an alternative of a place to serve?  Does a large percentage of us focus on carrying out our ministries (seeing that supplies are current, dates of engagement are aligned, clearly stating our many programs) that we have failed to connect people to people?  Do we see the scope of the church to be a people who need to encourage people or do we see a people who need a job description as to where to serve in the church.

Of course.  Yes, I know that one of the very powerful tools of connecting people is found in forming service groups.  My angst is when these very same service projects become a place for our members to hide from caring about people....and this does go on.  Actively busy isn't the mark of faithful servant hood.

For me?  I'm still learning the ABC's of seeing and connecting with the people rather than trying to satisfy myself that I apply myself to ministry here and there.  My point is that our work will always be challenged by the leadership of Jesus.  As he moved about any community his striking power was that he noticed the valued one who went unnoticed by the cutting-edge religious leaders.

The reason that I believe this is significant is that no one can effectively minister to people without the patient and enduring fruit of the Holy Spirit.  It is with Him that we can do more than we can do, reach farther than we can reach, while refraining from giving up on our magnificent inadequacies.

And, yes, I misspelled especially.

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