Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Don't you just love being a person?

With our twists and turns and dips and dives, we face challenges non-stop.  Do any of you recall the day you walked away from your high school doors on that last Spring day with the enthusiasm that finally....trials....are...over?  No more enduring lectures!  No more annoying assignments!  No more tests!  Yay me!

Ah, that didn't really seem to last long, huh?

I was not intending to set the world on fire necessarily; but I did have ideas of making a difference.  We all did.  The good news is that we did and we have...and we will.  That's the essence of God in us.  We make a difference....for others.

One of my favorite things is to believe in what people can become when they don't feel very worthy.  Everybody counts!  Everybody has value!  Everybody is needed!

So what I love about getting to be us is that we get to speak life into the hearts and minds of those around us.  And there is great reason.  Those around us need encouragement.  The grind of the day and the worry during the night; both take great toll.  We are needed...every last one of us...to bring a breath of encouragement to others....by saying...by speaking words of hope and love and life onto their paths.

We love being us because we get to tell others how dear they are....when often they are truly clueless.  Yay us for getting to say yay to others!!

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