Saturday, July 23, 2016


We are in over our heads.  You know that don't you?  Or do you?

What size is this living God who we follow?  Write out His description.  Try to frame your words in an understandable synchronization that removes the bafflement demanding even more questions?  Our God is untermable and yet we want explanatory, definable terms.

We humans want two extremes.  First, we want God to truly be the Almighty of the entire universal scope of absolutely unfathomable creation.  Second, we want our faith to be comprehendable as well as controllable.  These, the pro and the con of faith, should drive us to be overwhelmed and underdefined.  You know that...don't you?

Desiring to appear upright, we want this faith stuff to look good.  We surely want to be impressive.  Yet, the famous apostle said that his walk and ours looks foolish.  Foolish. Really?  You know that...don't you?

I watch courageous faith be short-sheeted by the silliness of fear.  We tend to be afraid to let go so that we (and witnesses) might see Him at His best.  Mankind is in desperate need of unflappable hope.  There is none greater than the empty grave of Jesus. He....he is the light..and the life..and the hope for all.

May we gain momentum in shedding our hesitancies while raising our public voices of praise as to how much we love Him and how happy we are as we move through the normal routines of life. Yes, wouldn't it be a grand start just to be happy?  Many around us are looking for one spark from a believing heart which would say of our day, We've got this because God has our backs.

You know that....don't you?

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