Saturday, July 30, 2016


It would seem that one of the most powerful elements for any individual is found in the four-letter word; hope.  You see, hope is a curious sort in that evidently what is needed isn't in reality yet.  Yet is the three-letter code-word that allows us into the corridors of the four-letter (H O P E) marvel.

Enormous and unquantitative struggle occurs when the human heart can't find reason to hope.  Simply put, when all hope is gone...there is no hope of present or future.  But God reverses such a scenario and says, Oh, believe me, there is reason to hope.

And just what would be the reason?  Jesus.  The one who was beaten to a pulp, to the extent it appeared that he had no defense against his opponents, is the very same one who roared back to save; even those who chose to slay him.  The one hung out to dry upon the Cross; this one is who arose from death's darkness in order to bring light of possibility to our treacherously discouraging days.

Hope does not disappoint wrote the apostle Paul early in the fifth chapter of Romans. It does't disappoint because of the Holy Spirit...who raised Jesus from the dead.  Go back a chapter.  Read Romans four.  Hold on to every expression from this Word for it assures us that even the impossible bows to possibility because of hope found in the resurrected Jesus.

You can have it.  You are to have it.  Hope is a reality.  Own it.

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