Thursday, July 07, 2016


Take a look at our land.  It is both filled and quite empty.  People, good significant people, live roller-coaster lives of ups and downs.  Families are devastated by possibly the death of a spouse or even the death of a marriage.  And then there is the rising tide of treasured moments as in births or accomplishments or graduations.  The ebb and flow of life has that perpetual push and pull that leaves us enthused and confused.

Sometimes it feels that personal encouragement seems to have hit a drought. Everyone experiences this rough time-line.  There are no exceptions.  Adam and Eve's lack did not hit a large percentage of earth's populace.  Oh no.  It captured the entire lot of us.  So, we know something about every person, don't we?  Every person encounters overwhelming darkness that discourages the heart.

Yet, this is the very place we come in.  It is on this turf that all people walk.  There is not one exception.  Famous or non, the same.  Regardless of gender or role or location or talent, every person we know battles substantial interference of doubt waves.  Oh sure, we've trained ourselves to put on that mask of doing well when in fact on certain days we are dying a slow death in the interior of an outwardly appearing impressive stance.

Here's (a very living cemetery-like place) where there is a dynamic of spiritual power that transcends both the bad news coupled with heartbreaking moments.  The inner person yearns for something that the outer shell simply cannot provide; reason to believe when all seems impossible.

Enter resurrection power.

One either believes in the resurrection from the dead or simply doesn't.  Hope hinges on this faith perspective.  If there is unexplainable, immeasurable, possibility for one extreme to be overrun by another (as in death bowing to new life), then there is not the hopeless setting.  All situations, therefore, are pregnant with new life on its way.  This is indeed great news when experiencing moments of drought.

Be encouraged.  Even the strong day of dread will produce hidden blessings.  This is the thrill of kingdom life.  God is not iffy.  His promises come into existence.  Even when experiencing the roughest of tough stuff, this is mere fuel for a productive good day...and good life.

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