Saturday, July 02, 2016


I feel sure that what I'm about to tell you will be a surprise.  After all I already have three children and ten grands.  So to make such an announcement may seem rather bizarre....I know.  Who would have figured?

But I say to you that we are expecting God to work in fantastic and marvelous ways beyond anything we (all of us) have ever imagined or encountered.  Our God is the Creator, the Supplier, and the Sustainer!  We are, therefore, to be expecting amazing works from above!

However, I wonder if the excitement of expecting has been reduced to the ash heap of hoping to get by another day with no surprises.  Interruption and injury free, we have developed into a belief system that has very little bent toward expecting; we prefer to keep the normal secure.

From cover to cover the Bible presents God in a formation that is anything but safe, predictable, or confined.  Father is simply bizarre.  His followers learn to live expecting.  What will He baffle this time and reverse the next time?  Just when strong leaders figure they've got this one they find that they don't....they weren't even in the ballpark of possibility.

Where Abraham and Sarah were expecting a child at their late date, we are to be just as young in spirit to produce hope and wonder and meaning and life for everyone who crosses our path.  We must not laugh, as did Sarai, when we overhear that God has neighbors and nations to reach through our weary and worn bodies.  Rather, we are to live expectantly that many works that haven't even been thought of (let alone born yet) are available for the one(s) focused upon the sheer and bizarre possibilities of God.

After all, He doesn't seem to slow down with age.  He seems to get newer; and we are to become the same; II Cor. 4:16-18.

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