Saturday, June 04, 2016


Each person, it seems, has increasingly more activities on our plates.  In one way this is good as it means we are functioning.  The negative side might mean that we have allowed (or taken on) so much that we find ourselves buried before we ever get to the cemetery.  This is a crucial fact about where we live.

For those interferences that come our way, we do learn to make adjustment; even to the point we might find ourselves advantaged.  Yet, the lack of personal discipline which finds us likely in over our heads in daily struggle is where I wish to encourage. You likely care about your world and all who are tied in with it.

So I say to you that you might be making life way too difficult by spinning in too many directions.  Do you recall the little PacMan yellow face that eats away in puzzle form? We blink and dodge and dart about as if we are little PacMen and PacWomen turning, swiveling, and bouncing; gobbling our own time.

Guilt is placed at our feet if we say No to multiple incoming requests.  Frustration weighs on our hearts when we say Yes when what we needed to say (wanted to say) was No.  I speak not to the lazy.  The lazy don't read this blog.  I speak to the productive, the ambitious, the driven.  Try not to make simple life way too hard.

So how, might you ask?  Practice praying (Oh, you were looking for something new?). Our minds will calm when our spirits are connected to Father.  Our walk is not about our image of pleasing people.  Jesus didn't and we are to be disciplined, as was he, at drawing the lines.  Martha was pretty miffed when Jesus didn't hop to it at the announcement of Lazarus' death.

It is here that we could/should/would find relief.  If we are called (as we tend to think) to keep everyone happy, then welcome to the world of eventual failure.  This was a very hard lesson for me to learn.  If others like you because you always hop to it the day is coming when you have no more hop and they, then, simultaneously have no more support of you.

Each of us must reach a point where we relinquish our desire to serve impressively; pleasing some and keeping others off of our backs.  We must know deeply and inwardly by faith that God runs the effectivity of His Show.  Serve?  Oh, we are in.  Everywhere in multiple places all at, that would be where the Spirit of God does the work.  Let Him!

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