Sunday, June 26, 2016


God's story is a fascinating one.  You and I recall the impossible becoming possible throughout Holy Writ.  The world is in danger of missing God while each spends a bit of time on earth because the church has made a dramatic shift from possibility to practicality.  If we use our best business minds and not our best believing hearts we will produce and reproduce a stagnant sort detached from the wild array of Holy Spirit avenues.

God's ways are not our ways.  This needs to be one of my constant reminders.  He does the impossible through impossible people....just like me.  The fascinating thing about this to me is that He never used any other kind.  Moses hesitated and Esther hedged. We want the God-sized work; but we continue to believe that this needs to fit within our human-minded framework and chart-able ledgers.

God won't fit into boring routine.  He is, after all, known as Creator to the Universe. The sun, moon, and stars obey Him.  We will want to continually try to fit into His capacity rather than seeking Him to fit into ours.  He has places to go and people to see....through us!  Let's go for it!!!

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