Sunday, June 12, 2016


I think about you, dear reader.  I wouldn't know personally the many who have signed on to reading these posts.  But be assured, I write with you in mind...every day.  My calling is to cheer you on when other voices may have gone temporarily hoarse...or even silent.  You are worthy of encouragement for you are created in His image.

Life is very broken.  This is one of the strongest verifications that the Bible is true.  Its story begins in the Garden and not one person has broken the code for recovery other than Jesus.  That gives us motivation to learn of him because Jesus broke brokenness.

Be not discouraged...even when it is deemed intensely so.  See through it.  Such is a fake trying to mislead you; trying to convince you that life only gets worse.  It doesn't. Just when you think that it can't get can get better.  That's a good, new, even adventurous twist.

God isn't around to ruin our Sunday schedules; making us go to church when we'd rather golf, fish, or read.  No, God is around to pump hope, and joy, and life into our hearts.  He lived--and died--and arose--to affirm that the bad days are significantly ugly; but are no match for profound resurrection power.  You and I get to live in resurrection power; not just someday beyond the cemetery, but right now.

So just when you think that it can't worse is the very time to remember that the best is already here...right now!  Do what you can to drop the worry from around and lean into the promises from above.

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