Friday, May 13, 2016


I'm curious as to what the next few months will bring to America as the political ovens begin to heat up.  The vitriol (yes mom, I use a big word for me) seems to have only begun.  Likely, our land will be scorched from both indignation and revelation.  Shall we turn the tide?

My reason for referencing the current Presidential race is that it has caused me to wonder.  Are the politicians playing out on their stages what society has become; including you....okay, and me?  Have we become obsessed with the bad to the point we wish to deny any portion of good in another even if such were to be true?  Very possibly so.

Father had this figured out ancient days ago.  All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God may have slipped into a sort of religious slogan instead of the potential damning of the soul.  Unless there is Jesus, my friend, we are sunk.  Period.

We spiritual people have developed a culture that might breeze right on past our own dramatic flaws while freely speaking disparagingly of others who appear to us to be dismal representatives of the human who run for President.  For such judgment, as if they but not we, we are mistaken.

Yet, a person who reads the GOOD-NEWSpaper runs into personal facts which will not let us go.  We (meaning each me) were so broken that Jesus was strung up on the Cross to take on our sins; our ugly, embarrassing, wretched, self-centered sins.  No, not the sins of whispered rumors nor accidental slipping of the tongue in cursing.  We are talking about you and me here.  Us.  The ones who either commit horrendous sins or at least think about committing them.  Sinner is never a they proposition.  We...we are front and center.

So what shall we do when a mudslide is all around?  We do as the Pharisees did when they were just about to stone the disgusting adulteress woman.  They dropped the stones in the dust when Jesus inquired as to exactly which one of them might be innocent?

Not.  A.  One.  There was no stoning that day.  For some weird reason their bravery melted.  They were found to be just like her.  The accusers were as guilty as the one they wise-crackingly accused.  Sound familiar anybody?

The solution, therefore, is clear.  We are to speak words.  We speak words of defense for another; not accusation.  We speak Life.  The Christian movement of today: Words Matter.  We are not to sling words of mud; but rather of encouragement and strength and vision and hope.  Mud slinging must stop.  America would be advantaged if the media, the political opposition, and the Christians would point out the good in one another (including presidential candidates) rather than reaching for one more fist full of mud.  Don't ya think?

Words Matter.

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