Sunday, May 22, 2016


Mankind is infected.  Adam and Eve thrust us into an unscheduled, unintended raging battle that leaves families and neighbors strewn from here to yonder.  Their failure has massive impact.  Life is broken; very broken.

The lesson we must remember is that this is a matter of we; not they.  We are in the mix.  We are to be blamed for injury to others; daily, weekly insulting and harmful injuries.  It is not that some can't seem to get a grip on life; we are in the mix.

Yet, there is a counter lesson of which we must not stop learning.  Just as each carries enough soreness and baggage, Jesus died to take the blame.  That's what he did on the Cross.  Why do you think it turned dark that day in mid-afternoon.  All of man's darkness--every hurtful word and deed--had been removed from man's worst behavior and dumped upon his head.  He paid for our stupid, selfish, injurious ways.

It is his righteousness that he handed to us.  We received not a grade card of earned approval; but a Pass.  He went to Hell for us.  We go to Heaven.  Get it?  We must not stop learning this lesson.  For as we do--when we remember--our hearts leap within us. Our eyes brighten.  Our hopes lift.  Our confidence soars.  Our interest in our enemies escalates.  Purpose takes form.  Meaning arises.

Life isn't good because we manage it well.  No, life is great because it was handed to us upon a rugged wooden platter.  Feast away!

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