Friday, May 27, 2016


What would need to happen to cause you to believe that this is your best day ever? Multiple answers could be offered; each being worthy of comment.  For some a response of a bigger house might be given while another would be an increase in income.  Yet others could desire improved health.  Mine would be to win big on the Wheel of Fortune!

However, there is a more subtle factor that has me quite curious.  What would our days be like if we could become anxious-free?  What if we could drop the worry over the present (and the future)?  Would life be any different if we could quit keeping score regarding personal injuries received from another?  Could hard feelings be, shall we say, dropped?  Might family tension be an underlying dis-ease in your house?

Conflict is a war-zone within itself.  From disagreement to disapproval, blood pressure can escalate.  Freely liking and disliking another is our choice.  But hating or despising another is as addictive as alcohol or drugs...and likely much more costly.

To have your best day ever is not for you to win that out-of-reach lottery.  It is much simpler and much closer at hand.  To have your best day after day...just may be found in your heart.  Dare you unlock it?  What if we stop our hate which runs rampant out on our streets and in our homes' hallways?  What if we could heal broken hearts by healing relationships?

Nothing is impossible with God.  Just as the Cross of Jesus reconciled us (as enemies of God) to Father, we carry within us the dynamic of doing the same for others.  Taking up our crosses daily isn't a church ritual.  It is the secret power that causes all of us to have our best days ever.

If you want to march for something, hit the streets protesting the shame that we can carry in our own hearts by resisting the call of Father to drop our anger.  Then, let us move about in the love of the Spirit of Christ.  This move will change the world where we live.

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