Friday, April 01, 2016


This could be one of the most focused emotions which transcend age and locale. People..and we just happen to be some of those...are on constant prowl for the happies.  Is there a way, I wondered, to find such day by day?  Or, is such a state merely religious folklore?

For the longest time, this element seemed to run hot and cold.  Good mood one day, I was in a bad one the next.  Urggh!  And then things fundamentally shifted.  I'll share what I think I know as long as you understand that I understand that I am not the expert.

Happiness is not just a matter of the mind; but of the heart.  Life seems to unfold according to the way we think.  Interruptions and disappointments do not negate this idea for a significant key to moving through such is dependent, not upon the troubles themselves, but rather upon our thinking about them.  Problems do not stop us in our tracks.  How we determine to view them does.  If we believe troubles rule us; then we are sunk.  But if we perceive these as stepping stones, then of course we are advantaged

Consider the Beatitudes of Blessed are.  Notice that the circumstances are not always positive; but one's faith turns rough stuff into favor toward our days.  Blessed are the peacemakers and Blessed are those who are persecuted are not conflictive points.

The good day/bad day experiences are not determined by one's circumstantial unfolding (could I just admire for a minute my wording circumstantial unfolding) as an enormous life-adjustment takes place when we realize that we are to/can be happy, even blessed, in the very center of any moment.

God is the difference maker.  It is God who can make something from nothing or give life to the dead (Romans 4:17).  It is God who takes the old and makes us new.

How does one not only get happy, but remain happy?  This equation is never...underline never...dependent upon the behavior of another for we are set to find blessings in the conflicting truths of peace or persecution.  We are about the joy of the Lord.

The world is looking, I believe, for followers of Jesus who aren't so moody; so touchy, or so easily offended as if to appear that we don't know God either.  The Cross that we are to take up is our signal of intended injury and pain....very personally, I might add. Therefore, we are to quit running from stresses in the form of sad-faced pouting.

Even in the struggles of the day, we are able to have the strength from Him to be happy.  We can do this....and many already do.  May we do our best to think on the Bright Side.

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