Tuesday, April 05, 2016


The determination to like every day is built upon a mistaken theory that such must be experienced upon the mountain tops.  Anything less is drudgery; most likely discouraging.  Yet, this is the very place so many waste good quality living; that terrain of being down (in the valley).

If we are going to transform life, we must awaken to the truth that if we only shoot for the stars we will surely miss out on a massive amount of living time on this earth.  We do not want to waste our breath.  Are we really in favor of going through our days trying to get past them?  Seriously?

Like right now.  Yes, the one with the doctor's appointment.  Yes, the one with the trip back to the store because the clerk left one item out of your sack.  And for Heaven's sake yes; even when you've made an error that has been a costly one.  Jesus said it and we believe it, Don't waste your time worrying.  

I'm faced with such temptation the first thing this morning.  On Thursday morning I am to meet with 15 ministers in my office from 6:30-8:00 as our Tulsa Workshop begins.  It's all we can do to get that many chairs packed in here.  Plus, I always buy books as gifts for these guests and I have 15 stacks atop of my counter as I write.

But here's a problem; I don't seem to be able to keep track like I once did.  The 15th one contacted me Monday to see if there was yet space...and there was.  15!  Got it!  Full!

But then a minister contacted me to be sure that I had his name on the reserved list from when he contacted me in January.  Not.  There.  Now what?  No room.  No stack of books for 16.  So, I say come on anyway; maybe one will cancel.  So last night I get a text from Jim McCutchen confirming that I still have him on the guest list.  I have a Brian McCutchen on the list; but not a Jim.  Did I mis-write?  Or, did I mis-remember?  Uh-oh.

Jim's name?  Not.  There.  (That now makes two Not. Theres.)  Now the count is up to 17 with 15 chairs and 15 gifts.  So what am I to do?

Well, I'm choosing to be glad that too many want in rather than too few.  I'm going to assume that God will work out the details.  I'm going to hope that if 17 actually show up and I only have gifts for 15, that two of them can't read.

My point is that life throws us curves; oh so many continual curves.  What we learn to do is enjoy right now.  We will not waste our breath...not one breath...for every breath is a right now glorious moment.  Plus, if someone chooses to give you a rough time today?  You might want to tell them to not waste their breath.

Have a good day!

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