Thursday, March 17, 2016


Perhaps you would think the title of this thread is going to be about the more efficient way to handle finances.  One might believe that this most likely will be a communication of how to be more thrifty or even a more disciplined shopper. isn't.  As a matter of fact it is somewhat the reverse.  Rather than calling for personal restriction, I'm wishing to promote quite the opposite.  Let there be incredible imagination which surpasses our tendency to live guarded in self-preservational safety.

While, Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, might be old hat to us, it is never exhausted in our practice.  This is a call, along with the rest of scripture, to shift from our human nature of best strength to the glorious ride of the Spirit leadership.  We are called to carry on a life way beyond our means.

God doesn't toss this challenge to just the theologically elite nor to the silver-spooned wealthy.  This is what I really love about the Kingdom system; all of us are in the family...God's elect family.

So here you sit.  It seems to be just a day.  Our hopes are usually that we get through it without increased debt or surprising upset.  We just want to make the dollar, be attentive to those around, and get off at 5:00 in order to carry on without interruption. But that there actually is more is the very beyondness of which God calls.

I began my morning in the dark praying for my homeless friend that is missing, for my shepherd who is struggling with memory, and our nation's politicians who are living in such a volatile time that if we get through this season it will be amazing, my opinion, if someone isn't shot.  Prayer is my focus because it is beyond what I'm about, where I am, and the immediate direction I'm headed...breakfast.

Friends, we have won the lottery!  The Living God has called us to walk a path that is beyond any person's skills and talents; beyond our best plots and most imaginative plans.  God anticipates that we will live out lives that are so far beyond our wildest concepts that all we know to do would be to tell Him thank you in praise.

I cheer you on.  Don't live your usual.  Live your unusual.  This will require provision from above.  He is ready.  The question is, Are we willing to live beyond our means?

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