Sunday, February 07, 2016


The strongest influence in our lives.  What would you think?  Money?  Friends?  Education?  Career?  Family?  Or how about none of these.

What would you think about words?

Whether incoming or outgoing, words create.  They produce strong hope or they may dismantle it.  Things said launch strugglers toward success.  Too, such a dynamic can flatten any day of those who are successful.

Words make our break our hearts.  Our moods often shift according to these constant morsels of chatter.

God exerted not muscle but words to create the world.  He separated darkness from light by the simple magnificent power of saying so.  We are created in His image.

Whether things spoken to us by others or words we say to them, our days are framed by the very super-power of what is said.  The strongest influence in our lives is found in the power of the tongue.

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Randy McVeigh said...

I have most of those baseball cards on your banner.