Thursday, January 07, 2016


Be on guard.  A villain lurks with intent to shut every one of us down.  This force presses, insinuates, argues, and discourages.  The goal: get common people to voluntarily fail to reach their potential.

Be on guard.  This culprit strikes fear in the heart of every Daddy, Momma, and Child. It controls schools systems as well as government officials.  Dreams and plans often have to pass his tests when he doesn't even show up for the meetings.

The big problem that mankind has with this monster is that he is invisible.  No one knows exactly where he lives other than he has been seen camping out on the backside of individual hearts.  The name?  Fear.

Fear puts the....F E A people.  He is so shrewd in that he masks his delay tactics by causing the individual to believe hesitancy was truly his or her own idea.  Oblivious to this negative persuasion, we tend to believe things go the way they do because we intentionally applied ourselves.

The result?  People are stuck.  Everywhere we turn people are stuck in life as if they live on streets made of gigantic fly-paper.  Society has dumbed down to the lowest denominators of, Is it without stress? and then, Does it make me happy?

I lived on that street; on the corner of Stuck and Mabee.  I have no idea how many times I continue to take such a going-nowhere route.

What I believe is happening is that day after day very wonderful people awaken to repeat the last 8900 yesterdays with no anticipation of a God-intervention or even an upsetting re-route.  There is a difference between Abraham and us.  He admitted that he didn't know where he was going.  We have convinced ourselves that we do.

The problem, then, that we necessarily develop is that we must keep our territory small enough that we can take effective charge.  Thus, restrictive efforts are a must if we are going to run our show.

We are to have a faith.  Too look ridiculous?  Yes, to look absurd to the religious leader whose obsession is to control every work, every dollar, every dream.  Yes. ludicrous to those who are stuck in want of explanation, viability, and detail when God hasn't provided it yet.

We are often blind to our devotion to keep living in stuck mode.  I want to break this invisible bond in me.  I continue to pray, God, help me to reach the whole world as well as God, show me things no one among us has ever asked to see before.  

God has plans for us.  We cannot afford...the world cannot afford...for us to be stuck on personal safety when we should, by faith, be all about exploration of possibilities. Don't bury your head in the sands of fear.  Bury it in the stars of brave imagination!

The problem is that there is a world in desperate need to be rescued from depression and meaninglessness..  The solution is that we are a part of the solution because we have a new Spirit about us that dares to go where the once hesitant us would rather hide by reading a book about how desperate the needs of the world really are.

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